Lances And Nozzles

Demon standard QR lance

This is the quick release lance which goes out with all new Demon machines.

You will need to specify whether your machine is hot or cold when ordering.

Price £52.00


QR Short lance with HP nozzle

A Short lance with HP Nozzle to fit on a QR Trigger (Trigger not included)

Order No: DEM100301A

Price £52.00


Turbo Lance

Turbo lances are available to suit all of our pressure washers, please specify which machine you want the Turbo for and we will ship the correct size.

Price £124.33


Rotary Brush

Rotary brush fitted to quick release lance. The brush rotates slowly and is driven by the water passing through it, ideal for car cleaning.

Order No: DEM10051

Price £110.32


Flat Brush

Flat brush fitted to quick release lance. Used for car cleaning.

Order No: DEM10052

Price £68.53


Chewing Gum Lance

The 18 micro nozzle unit is housed in a tough but lightweight aluminium casing. The micro nozzles work by gripping the gum with the water and peeling it off the surface. Optimum performance is 15 lpm at 200 bar. The lance is suitable to work with cold water but is faster when used with hot water.

Price £724.00


Foam Lance

Foam Lance, shown here with QR Trigger (not included). Comes with 5m of chemical pick – or longer if required and perfect for car cleaning.

Order No: MTM140289

Price £100.82


Telescopic Lance

This is ideal for cleaning higher buildings instead of using scaffolding or ladders. It is also useful for high sided vehicles and machinery. It can be used with a hot or cold pressure washer max 200bar, 90 degrees, 23 litres/min. Optional belt kit also available.

Available in the following lengths:

3.6m – DEM10037 – £239.00

5.4m – DEM10034 – £254.00

7.3m – DEM10036 – £301.00


High Pressure Nozzle

N26001/***** – High pressure nozzle fits all models – please state which model when ordering so we can ship the right one.

Price £9.00


QR Trigger Nozzle

Goes directly into trigger. (trigger not included)

Order No: DEM100302

Price £30.00


Drain Cleaning Nozzle

Stainless steel drain jet with one forward and three backward facing jets. Available in a full range of sizes to suit all our pressure washers. Fitted with our MVG 1/2″ adaptor to screw directly onto your exisiting hose

Order No: N130025

Price £109.61