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Demon International manufacture a range of industrial pressure washers for the professional user. You can be sure that whatever your cleaning requirements, Demon has the solution and can supply high quality equipment designed to withstand the rigours of the industrial workplace for many years.

Founded in 1964, originally selling equipment to the construction industry, Demon have diversified and evolved to suit their customers’ needs in an ever changing market place.

With over 40 years of research and development we sincerely believe that the latest Demon range is the UK market leader for safety, quality and reliability.

Demon offers a full range of in-house manufactured pressure washers and so we can guarantee our customers a consistent level of quality products, independently audited to the BSI ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Pressure Washers in Action

Tornado E Battery

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A green alternative for the petrol and diesel engines on towed bowsers. This battery plate can be used on new & existing bowsers as a replacement for a fossil fuelled engine.

Huricane E

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Connect the Hurricane E to a water source and you have a quality pressure washer with low noise levels and zero emissions. The ultimate machine for facilities management companies that need to provide quiet cleaning in public facilities.

Tornado Maxi-Bowser
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The newest pressure washer in our Tornado range, the Tornado Maxi-Bowser provides 50% more cleaning time than the Mini-Bowser. It benefits from a 30 metre integral hose reel, return to the tank unloading & forklift compatible frame.

Hurricane Combi

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The Hurricane Combi combines the Rotowash Professional and our Hurricane pressure washer into one machine. Making it the perfect solution for cleaning pavements, walkways & sports grounds. With the added bonus of being able to switch from using the rotowash to the lance seamlessly.

LGP Range

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Demon now have LPG powered pressure washers to give our customers an alternative to the common fossil fuelled machines.

Tornado Mini Bowser
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The Demon Tornado Mini-Bowser is a great alternative to the commonly found towed bowser that saturates the plant industry. It benefits from a 150 litre water tank with large wheels for easy manoeuvrability, perfect for those smaller areas that the towed bowsers cannot reach.

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