Hoses And Reels

Extension Hose – MVG

Hose which can be joined as an extension hose using MV00500 or as a replacement for the original hose. Common to all models in the Demon Range except hose reel models.

Available in 9, 15 or 30 metre lengths:

  • HH00030MVG – 9 metres (30ft) – £79.18
  • HH00050MVG – 15 metres (50ft) – £109.15
  • HH00100MVG – 30 metres (100ft) – £172.68

Hose for Hose Reel

This hose can be added onto all Demon Hose Reels.

Available in 15 or 30 metre lengths:

  • HH00050MVGHR – 15 metres (50ft) – £109.15
  • HH00100MVGHR – 30 metres (100ft) – £173.09
Hose Reel Hose

Extension Hose – M22

Hose that can be used in place of the original hose or joined to it for M22 fittings

Available in 9, 15 or 30 metre lengths

  • HH00030M22 – 9 metres (30ft) – £79.18
  • HH00050M22 – 15 metres (50ft) – £109.15
  • HH00100M22 – 30 metres (100ft) – £173.09

Retractable Hose Reel

This retractable hose reel comes with 50ft of hose.

Order No: MTM20007

Price: £509.09


Mobile Hose Reel

The Demon mobile hose reel is a reel that will hold up to 100m of high pressure hose on an easy to move frame with pneumatic 400mm wheels.

The new all steel lightweight chassis allows the hose reel to be easily moved over rough ground, and enables the hose to be wound on the reel to maximise life of the hose.

Easy wind handle and locking pin for easy use.

Standard hose length of 30m.

Hose length options for 50m/75m/100m

Order No: DEM100384

Price: £1141.09

hose reel