Demon Sanitising Units

Sanitising Unit

The Sanitising chemical that we provide is approved for use in all of our pressure washers and can be applied directly into the tank, this chemical is then mixed and applied via the missing head.

The missing head is also detachable for hand held application on for reaching higher areas or around corners, as seen above. In the space of a few seconds the missing head can reach an area of 2 metres wide by 5 metres deep, so with this machine you can cover a large area in a short space of time.
For clients that already have our Tornado P2 Mini-Bowser the sanitising head can be brought individually and fitted to your current machine.
We offer this unit in petrol, electric, diesel and battery.


Pressure washer sanitising head

The sanitising head has been designed for ease of use and efficiency when sanitising large outside areas covering up to 60 sq mtrs per minute.

Sanitising unit price list