Ultimate Cleaning Package

Demon bring you the Ultimate Cleaning package which is the ideal solution for Cleaning Companies, FM Companies, Schools, Local Authorities and more.

The Package comes complete with a Hurricane P4 Combi for all flat surface cleaning, including walkways, pavements, sports ground (tennis courts, running tracks), pontoons, slipways and more.

Also included is an EMIS & 2 bags of Armex – The EMIS is designed to accurately dispense fine grade blast media such as Armex, to improve cleaning of difficult surfaces or where more aggressive cleaning is required. Fan lance gives a gentle action on delicate surfaces.

Chewing Gum Removal Lance – for fast efficient chewing gum removal

Democlean Graffiti Removal Gel – suitable for removal of graffiti from most surfaces, including brick, stone and concrete. Graffiti Remover Gel is an effective graffiti removing gel which is not classified hazardous under CHIP regulations.Graffiti Remover Gel will remove aerosol paint, felt tip marker and a variety of paint and ink. Always check a small area for compatibility.

Price £3617.32